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Tues-Sat: 9am-3pm
Sun-Mon: closed

In the absence of an online store please browse our product list below and contact us with your order.

We are ensuring the highest possible sanitary standards during this time:

  1. We are all wearing masks and insisting our customers are too
  2. We are washing our hands regulary
  3. We are sanitising scoops, trolley handles and equipment regularly


Order via:

Tel: 021 437-3003 | Whatsapp: 076 461-9477 | Online form: CLICK HERE


Town store only:

5 Constitution Street, Zonnebloem, Cape Town, 7925.

Payment on collection: via Zapper, Snapscan and Card


Payments via EFT or snapscan, please email POP to

City bowl R60
+10km radius from CBD R100
+20km from CBD R200
• Delivery to Cape Town and surrounding areas only

Nude Foods
Current Acc: 62718804455
Gardens: 201511


Zapper, Snapscan, and Card payments available

We are open, pop-in at your leisure


Sub category Stock item Unit/kg R per unit/kg
Juice Tomato juice Unit 25
Juice Lemon, ginger & reishi kefir water Unit 58
Juice Rush pomegranate juice Unit 38
Juice Redbushed iced tea – raspberry Unit 30
Juice Redbushed iced tea – blueberry Unit 30
Juice Organic coconut water Unit 38
Juice Monatea – hibiscus, berry & buchu Unit 30
Juice Monatea – sage, lime & confettibush Unit 30
Juice Monatea – rooibos & honeybush Unit 30
Juice Cape spritzer – cape apple Unit 30
Juice Cape spritzer – cape berry Unit 30
Kombucha Tea of life – hemp Unit 40
Kombucha Tea of life – rose geranium Unit 40
Kombucha Zooka – original Unit 40
Kombucha Zooka – ginger Unit 40
Kombucha Theonista – bushman blend kombucha Unit 40
Kombucha Theonista – cape point kombucha Unit 40
Kombucha Scoby Unit 96
Kombucha On tap tea of life – hemp Kg 72.2
Kombucha Nitrobrew on tap Kg 91.59
Kombucha Brew – original Unit 34
Kombucha Brew – buchu babe Unit 34
Shots Shot of aceso fire tonic Unit 15
Smoothies Supernova smoothie Unit 65
Smoothies Takeaway jar Unit 6
Smoothies Nude nutter smoothie Unit 60
Smoothies Superfood hot choc cup Unit 25
Smoothies Green goddess smoothie Unit 50
Smoothies Extra scoop hemp/ pea protein Unit 5
Water Water on tap 1l Unit 2
Water Water on tap 5l Unit 10
Water Water on tap 25l Unit 50
Water Nude water 250ml Unit 16
Water Nude water 750ml Unit 28
Water Alkaline ionized water Kg 22
Water Water on tap Kg 2
Sub category Stock item Unit/kg R per unit/kg
Cereals Puffed brown rice cereal Kg 213.7
Cereals Omega granola Kg 230
Cereals Turmeric muesli Kg 173
Cereals Puffed mabele sorghum cereal Kg 180
Cereals Oats – gluten free Kg 90
Cereals Oats – quick cook gf Kg 90
Cereals Chocolate puffed amaranth cereal Kg 374
Cereals Mesquite muesli Kg 125
Cereals Activated muesli: luxury fruit & nut Kg 337
Cereals Granola nutty mes. Kg 287.5
Cereals Granola cacao Kg 287.5
Cereals Granola berry blast Kg 287.5
Cereals Honey muesli Kg 99
Cereals Cacao muesli Kg 125
Dry fruit Mango sulphur free Kg 424
Dry fruit Pears sulphur-free Kg 399
Dry fruit Peaches sulphur-free Kg 340
Dry fruit Sundried tomato Kg 430
Dry fruit Pineapple Kg 274
Dry fruit Pomegranate seeds Kg 540
Dry fruit Figs Kg 218
Dry fruit Goji berries Kg 285
Dry fruit Raisins sulphur-free Kg 170
Dry fruit Banana strips Kg 260
Dry fruit Apricots Kg 210
Dry fruit Apple Kg 362
Dry fruit Dessicated coconut Kg 140
Dry fruit Dates Kg 74.1
Dry fruit Coconut flakes Kg 200
Dry fruit Cranberries sulphur-free Kg 480.6
Flour Rice flour Kg 30.21
Flour Teff flour Kg 50
Flour Spelt flour Kg 58
Flour Sourdough starter Unit 140
Flour Rye flour Kg 34.67
Flour Buckwheat flour Kg 62.1
Flour Almond flour Kg 285
Flour Einkorn flour Kg 177
Flour Cassava flour Kg 190
Flour Chickpea flour Kg 65.55
Flour Coconut flour Kg 120
Grains Pearled cous-cous Kg 140
Grains Polenta Kg 20
Grains Red sorghum Kg 25
Grains Red quinoa Kg 135
Grains Spelt Kg 40
Grains Pearl barley Kg 37.9
Grains White quinoa Kg 114
Grains Bulgar wheat Kg 32.1
Grains Millet Kg 46.96
Grains Black quinoa Kg 135
Grains Basmati rice Kg 65
Grains Brown basmati rice Kg 55
Grains Short grain brown rice organic Kg 96
Grains Buckwheat Kg 74.1
Grains Cous-cous Kg 74.1
Herbs Rosemary Kg 120
Herbs Thyme Kg 115
Herbs Sage Kg 333.45
Herbs Oreganum Kg 190
Herbs Lemongrass Kg 100
Herbs Bay leaves Kg 475
Herbs Mixed herbs Kg 767
Herbs Aether herbs triphala Kg 105
Herbs Aether herbs devils claw Kg 105
Herbs Aether herbs gotu kola Kg 105
Herbs Aether herbs ashwagandha Kg 135
Legumes Soy beans organic Kg 78.26
Legumes Red split lentils Kg 54.35
Legumes White kidney beans Kg 52.17
Legumes Red kidney beans Kg 46.74
Legumes Sugar beans Kg 47.83
Legumes White beans Kg 36.96
Legumes Red lentils Kg 54.35
Legumes Split mung beans Kg 60.87
Legumes Mung beans organic Kg 100
Legumes Black eyed beans Kg 43.48
Legumes Adzuki beans Kg 151.78
Legumes Black beans Kg 45.65
Legumes Mung beans Kg 35.87
Legumes Brown lentils Kg 54.35
Legumes Green lentils Kg 52.17
Legumes Green split peas Kg 27.83
Legumes Chickpeas organic Kg 95.65
Nuts Pecans Kg 360
Nuts Peanut raw Kg 71
Nuts Peanut roast+salt Kg 61
Nuts Pistachio roast+salt Kg 375
Nuts Pine nuts Kg 747.5
Nuts Sacha inchi nuts roasted Kg 260
Nuts Walnuts Kg 276
Nuts Mixed nuts Kg 317
Nuts Macadamia nuts Kg 406
Nuts Hazelnuts Kg 225
Nuts Almonds raw Kg 250
Nuts Almonds sliced Kg 328
Nuts Brazil nuts Kg 365
Nuts Cashews raw Kg 296
Nuts Cashews roast Kg 345
Nuts Chestnuts Kg 288
Pasta Tagliatelle – butternut Kg 150
Pasta Tagliatelle – spinach Kg 150
Pasta Tagliatelle – beetroot Kg 150
Pasta Spelt pasta Kg 144
Pasta Organic spaghetti Kg 140
Pasta Red lentil fusilli Kg 185
Pasta Red lentil penne Kg 185
Pasta Einkorn pasta Kg 230
Pasta Chickpea fusilli Kg 185
Pasta Chickpea penne Kg 185
Ready mix Outcast burger mix Unit 94
Ready mix The plant base protein premix Kg 295
Ready mix Outcast falafel mix – classic Unit 94
Ready mix Outcast falafel mix – crazy Unit 94
Seeds Pumpkin seeds Kg 179.5
Seeds Soy roast sunflower seeds Kg 100
Seeds Soy roast mixed seeds Kg 203.98
Seeds Sesame seeds Kg 103.5
Seeds Sunflower seeds Kg 57
Seeds Popcorn seeds Kg 23
Seeds Chia seeds Kg 136
Seeds Poppy seeds Kg 190
Seeds Black sesame seeds Kg 130
Seeds Flax seeds Kg 41.6
Seeds Mixed seeds Kg 86.93
Spices Taco wild herbs Kg 430
Spices Seaweed & herbs Kg 430
Spices Morrocan wild herbs Kg 430
Spices Mexican wild herbs Kg 430
Spices Mediterranean wild herbs Kg 430
Spices Garlic ginger masala Kg 160
Spices Hot curry powder Kg 140
Spices Green veg stock Kg 172
Spices Greek wild herb & seaweed Kg 430
Spices Himalayan herb salt Kg 430
Spices Ground nutmeg Kg 373
Spices Paprika Kg 85
Spices Organic turmeric Kg 400
Spices Kalahari salt fine Kg 125
Spices Himalayan salt – fine Kg 100
Spices Turmeric powder Kg 112.63
Spices Ginger powder Kg 283.58
Spices Cayenne pepper Kg 185
Spices Cinnamon powder organic Kg 317
Spices Coriander powder Kg 128.25
Spices Cumin powder Kg 181.69
Spices Garam masala Kg 112
Spices Masterstock gift set Unit 205
Spices Masterstock small Unit 69
Spices Kalahari salt coarse Kg 120
Spices Mustard seeds Kg 108.3
Spices Onion flakes Kg 100
Spices White peppercorns Kg 590
Spices Red peppercorns Kg 590
Spices Red wine salt Kg 135
Spices Star anise Kg 250
Spices Himalayan black salt Kg 100
Spices Himalayan crystal salt Kg 110
Spices Cloves Kg 954.6
Spices Garlic granules Kg 100
Spices Cardamon pods Kg 684
Spices Fennel seeds Kg 207.08
Spices Black peppercorns Kg 365
Spices Braai salt Kg 265
Spices Black cumin seeds Kg 86
Spices Cumin whole Kg 210.82
Spices Cinnamon bark Kg 165
Spices Chilli flakes Kg 381.75
Spices Coriander seeds Kg 108.3
Sugar Xyletol Kg 200
Sugar Organic brown sugar Kg 200
Sugar Coconut sugar Kg 320
Superfoods Nutritional yeast Kg 360
Superfoods Raw cacao powder Kg 630
Superfoods Psyllium husk Kg 365
Superfoods Vital green amaranthus Kg 863
Superfoods Pea protein Kg 171
Superfoods Maca powder Kg 150
Superfoods Cacao nibs Kg 200
Superfoods Cacao beans Kg 250
Superfoods Hemp seeds dehulled Kg 325
Superfoods Cocoa powder Kg 200
Superfoods Hemp seed powder Kg 148.2
Tea coffee Rooibos organic Kg 300
Tea coffee Sticky pineapple rooibos Kg 670
Tea coffee Tulsi tea Kg 920
Tea coffee Yerba mate tea Kg 500
Tea coffee Lemongrass ginger tea Kg 1250
Tea coffee Rooibos chai tea Kg 985
Tea coffee Uganda coffee beans Kg 392
Tea coffee Lady bonin earl grey Kg 1970
Tea coffee Black tea Kg 420
Tea coffee Colombia coffee beans Kg 345
Tea coffee Decaf coffee beans Kg 440
Tea coffee Earthshine hot chocolate 500g Unit 349
Tea coffee Green tea Kg 250
Tea coffee Hibiscus tea Kg 960
Tea coffee Honeybush tea Kg 300
Tea coffee Tea ball Unit 79
Tea coffee Tea strainer Unit 50
Tea coffee Glass teapot small Unit 110
Tea coffee Glass teapot large Unit 165
Please call us for seasonal availability on 021 437 3003, Mon – Fri 9am to 4pm.

Sub category Stock item Unit/kg R per unit/kg
Bottles 660ml brown bottle Unit 18
Bottles 750ml clear btl Unit 18
Bottles 750ml olive oil btl Unit 69
Bottles 500ml pump bottle Unit 20
Bottles 1l pump bottle Unit 54
Bottles 500ml olive oil btl Unit 15
Bottles 2l growler Unit 920
Bottles 500ml clear btl Unit 16
Jars 750ml jar Unit 18
Jars Spice jar 230ml Unit 12
Jars 3l jar Unit 42
Jars 352/375ml honey jar Unit 10
Jars 1l jar Unit 20
Jars 2l jar Unit 31
Sub category Stock item Unit/kg R per unit/kg
Preserves Nude foods Jam – sourfig & cranberry Unit 90
Preserves Nude foods Jam- cacao Unit 94
Preserves Nude foods Jam- goji Unit 94
Preserves Nude foods Jam- quince Unit 94
Preserves Nude foods Fruit- mango & apricot Unit 110
Preserves Nude foods Jam – blueberry Unit 90
Preserves Nude foods Jam – rasberry Unit 90
Preserves Nude foods Fruit- sourfig & mixed Unit 97
Preserves Nude foods Mango coulis Unit 96
Preserves Olives Olive jar – 375ml Unit 47
Preserves Olives Olive jar – 750ml Unit 62
Preserves Olives Loose olives Kg 100
Preserves Pesto Basil pesto Unit 84
Preserves Pesto Hemp seed & coriander pesto Unit 84
Preserves Pesto Sundried tomato & shiitakemushroom pesto Unit 84
Preserves Pickled Nut mint pickle Unit 74
Preserves Pickled Raw organic sauerkraut Unit 139
Preserves Pickled Spicy cabbage kimchi Unit 92
Preserves Pickled Cabbage kimchi Unit 92
Preserves Pickled Pickled red onion Unit 66
Preserves Pickled Pickled cucumbers Unit 66
Preserves Pickled Pickled vegetables Unit 66
Preserves Pickled Pickled jalapenos Unit 66
Preserves Pickled Her harvest curried kraut Unit 92
Preserves Pickled Her harvest kale, kelp & kimchi kraut Unit 92
Preserves Pickled Her harvest beetroot, fennel & red cabbage kraut Unit 92
Preserves Sauces Tamari organic Kg 191
Sub category Stock item Unit/kg R per unit/kg
Choc spread Knosh choc Unit 119
Nut butter Almond butter Kg 265
Nut butter Peanut butter Kg 100
Tahini Tahini Kg 171
Sub category Stock item Unit/kg R per unit/kg
Bread Hannam super seed Unit 74
Bread Yesterday`s bread Unit 18
Bread Olive ciabatta Unit 38
Bread Sourdough Unit 35
Bread Seed loaf Unit 35
Bread Rye bread Unit 36
Dairy Mysthill 500g butter salted Unit 86
Dairy Mysthill 500g butter unsalted Unit 86
Dairy Mysthill 250ml ghee Unit 70
Dairy Camphill 260g feta Unit 54
Dairy Mysthill 250g cream cheese Unit 54
Dairy Camphill 250ml cream Unit 31.5
Dairy Camphill 750ml milk Unit 29
Dairy Mysthill 250ml strawberry yoghurt Unit 42
Dairy Camphill 250ml full cream yogurt Unit 24
Dairy Mysthill 1l plain yoghurt Unit 71
Dairy Mysthill 1l strawberry yoghurt Unit 71
Dairy Camphill 1l full cream yogurt Unit 57
Eggs 6 eggs Unit 24
Eggs Box of 12 eggs Unit 48
Snacks Raw rochers Unit 20
Snacks Orbs original Kg 490
Snacks Orbs orange Kg 490
Snacks Pecan biscotti Kg 740
Snacks Pecan sesame ball Unit 10
Snacks Camphill country rusk Unit 5
Snacks Camphill butter rusk Unit 5
Snacks Camphill cherry butter rusk Unit 5
Snacks Vegan wors Unit 18
Snacks Nutri stix – ocean veggies Unit 19
Snacks Nutri stix – spicy kimchi Unit 19
Snacks Nutri stix – sauerkraut and black pepper Unit 19
Snacks Vegan biscotti Unit 10
Snacks Vegan brownie Unit 22
Snacks Vegan shortbread Unit 8
Snacks Stuffed date Kg 550
Snacks Nutty bar Unit 16
Snacks Love bites Kg 550
Snacks Santa anna corn chips Kg 220
Snacks Awake snacks 5-pack Unit 99
Snacks Canna ball Unit 25
Snacks Intention chocolate truffles Unit 8
Snacks Cocoon Unit 16
Snacks Dateball Unit 14
Snacks Gluten free girl chocolate Kg 715
Snacks Grumpy choc chickpea Kg 440
Snacks Grumpy roast chickpea Kg 330
Snacks Hemp sticks Unit 18
Snacks Florentines Unit 30
Vegan dairy Organic coconut milk 400ml Unit 37
Vegan dairy Utopia chocolate yoghurt 250ml Unit 55
Vegan dairy Rice milk powder Kg 141
Vegan dairy Fauxmage vegan truffle chevre Unit 99
Vegan dairy Organic coconut cream 200ml Unit 31
Vegan dairy 750ml almond milk Unit 70
Vegan dairy Fauxmage vegan camembert Unit 99
Vegan dairy Fauxmage vegan gorgonzola Unit 99
Vegan dairy 250ml chocolate almond milk Unit 35
Vegan dairy 250ml coffee almond milk Unit 35
Vegan dairy 250ml chai spice almond milk Unit 35
Vegan dairy Fauxmage vegan chevre cheese Unit 89
Vegan dairy Coco oat yoghurt 375ml Unit 48
Sub category Stock item Unit/kg R per unit/kg
Honey Honey raw Kg 160
Oils Olifantskloof olive oil Kg 208.09
Oils Organic coconut oil on tap Kg 210
Oils Coconut oil – 1l Unit 89
Oils Belvedere olive oil Kg 184.62
Syrups Date syrup 350g Unit 109
Syrups Date syrup 900g Unit 195
Syrups Kithul syrup Kg 414.05
Syrups Pomegranate reduction Unit 95
Tinctures Reishi Unit 210
Tinctures Pine pollen Unit 215
Tinctures Cbd oil Unit 369
Tinctures Mighty mushroom Unit 138
Tinctures Indigenous tincture Unit 115
Tonics Fire tonic aceso Kg 649
Tonics Kombucha vinegar Kg 179.96
Tonics Neuro tonic Kg 259.48
Tonics Fire tonic cultured whey Kg 264.18
Vinegar Spirit vinegar Kg 8.6
Vinegar 100% organic apple cider vinegar Kg 76
Vinegar Balsamic vinegar Kg 105
Vinegar Apple cider vinegar Kg 29
Sub category Stock item Unit/kg R per unit/kg
Cotton Re-usable tea bag Unit 29
Cotton Cotton bread bag Unit 75
Cotton Cheesecloth nut milk bags Unit 63
Cotton Cotton dry goods 2 pack Unit 90
Mesh Kare mesh bag Unit 98
Mesh Veg mesh bag – 2 pack Unit 90
Mesh Veg mesh bag – handmade Unit 29
Shopper Kare shopper bag Unit 250
Shopper Nude foods tote bag Unit 130
Shopper Nude foods shopper sml Unit 99
Shopper Nude foods shopper lrg Unit 120
Sub category Stock item Unit/kg R per unit/kg
Dental Toothbrush case Unit 86
Dental Tooth powder Unit 110
Dental Mouthwash bottle Unit 105
Dental Kids toothbrush Unit 52
Dental Back2nature toothpaste Unit 90
Dental Apothecary toothpaste Unit 125
Dental Adult toothbrush Unit 55
Face Back2nature night cream Unit 141
Face Back2nature witchazel toner Unit 144
Face Tback2nature ea tree toner Unit 144
Face Spaza facecloth Unit 79
Face Back2nature lip balm Unit 59
Face Back2nature facewash Unit 152
Face Re-usable cotton face rounds Unit 125
Face Back2nature earth face mask Unit 180
Face Back2nature fynbos face mask Unit 180
Face Back2nature day cream Unit 153
Hygiene Yogi deo lrg – julip Unit 94
Hygiene Yogi deo lrg – cedarlime Unit 94
Hygiene Yogi deo lrg – sensitive/no bicarb Unit 94
Hygiene Yogi deo lrg – musky citrus Unit 94
Hygiene Yogi deo lrg – vetivert Unit 94
Hygiene Yogi deo lrg – frankincense Unit 94
Hygiene Yogi deo lrg – camilyang Unit 94
Hygiene Spaza body scrub Unit 58
Hygiene Loofah Unit 46
Hygiene Bamboo earbuds Unit 26
Hygiene Breast massage oil Unit 145
Hygiene Breast massage oil with frankincense Unit 145
Hygiene Bath salts sandalwood Kg 165
Feminine hygiene Moonstorm pad moderate Unit 135
Feminine hygiene Yoni steam Unit 195
Feminine hygiene Mpower cup Unit 250
Feminine hygiene Moonstorm pad bag Unit 95
Feminine hygiene Moonstorm pad light Unit 115
Feminine hygiene Moonstorm drying strip Unit 50
Feminine hygiene Moonstorm pad liner Unit 85
Lotion Wild insect repellent Unit 87
Lotion Wild after sun Unit 154
Lotion Wild zinc Unit 173
Lotion Wild summer glow butter Unit 220
Lotion Back2nature skinfood Unit 140
Lotion Back2nature sun shield Unit 393
Lotion Shea butter Unit 145
Lotion Soy lite body butter bar hemp re-leaf Unit 82
Lotion Soy lite body butter bar good morning! Unit 82
Lotion Soy lite body butter bar calm life Unit 82
Lotion Bees wax 70g Unit 49
Lotion Back2nature active zinc Unit 240
Lotion Canna salve Unit 180
Lotion Kafui body butter – vanilla 145
Lotion Kafui body butter – rose 145
Lotion Kafui body butter – tea tree 145
Lotion Ink butter for tattos 115
Shaving Safety razor Unit 165
Shaving Shaving brush Unit 290
Shaving Razor blades – 5 pack Unit 17
Shaving Beard balm Unit 210
Shaving Kafui beard oil Unit 200
Soap bars Pet soap bar Unit 60
Soap bars Shampoo bar – herbal tea Unit 60
Soap bars Shampoo bar – orange Unit 60
Soap bars Shampoo bar – sulfur Unit 60
Soap bars Rose `n bos bar – charcoal Unit 50
Soap bars Rose `n bos bar – beer Unit 50
Soap bars Rose `n bos bar – lavendar Unit 50
Soap bars Rose `n bos bar – orange & frankincense Unit 50
Soap bars Rose `n bos bar – peppermint Unit 50
Soap bars Plaiin soap bar – antivenom Unit 98
Soap bars Plaiin soap bar – butt first, coffee Unit 98
Soap bars Plaiin soap bar – masala chai Unit 98
Soap bars Plaiin soap bar – breakfast in bed Unit 98
Soap bars Kafui black soap jar Unit 150
Soap bars Nourish soap bar – spice Unit 50
Soap bars Nourish soap bar – sandalwood scrub Unit 50
Soap bars Nourish soap bar – pink himalayan salt face wash Unit 50
Soap bars Yoni flower soap Unit 67
Soap bars Conditioner bar Unit 79
Soap bars Eco shampoo bar – mocha Unit 35
Soap liquid Earthsap tea tree liquid soap Kg 230
Soap liquid Earthsap shampoo Kg 280
Soap liquid Earthsap bodywash Kg 200
Soap liquid Earthsap conditioner Kg 280
Soap liquid Back2nature conditioner Kg 190
Soap liquid Puresimple lemongrass body wash Kg 138
Soap liquid Puresimple lemon tea tree hand wash Kg 118
Soap liquid Kafui black liquid soap Kg 270
Soap liquid Back2nature shampoo Kg 180
Soap liquid Back2nature conditioner on tap Kg 562.5
Soap liquid Back2nature shampoo on tap Kg 391.58
Sub category Stock item Unit/kg R per unit/kg
Books Yoni steam book Unit 130
Books Waste not everyday Unit 195
Books Good food map Unit 60
Books Easy living food Unit 300
Books Colouring book Unit 20
Sub category Stock item Unit/kg R per unit/kg
Gifting Ribbon Unit 3
Gifting 70cm gift wrap Unit 40
Gifting 50cm gift wrap Unit 35
Gifting 40cm gift wrap Unit 30
Sub category Stock item Unit/kg R per unit/kg
All purpose cleaners Earthsap all purpose concentrate Kg 60.72
All purpose cleaners Triple orange wonder gel Kg 120
All purpose cleaners Triple orange wonder spray Kg 95
Bathroom Toilet roll 1ply Unit 9
Bathroom Toilet roll 2ply Unit 12
Bathroom earthsap bathroom cleaner Kg 80
Bathroom earthsap toilet cleaner Kg 52.19
Bathroom Box 2ply toilet paper Unit 520
Bathroom Box of 1ply toilet paper Unit 400
Bokashi Bokashi bran Kg 75
Bokashi Bokashi bucket Unit 205
General Peg Unit 0.5
General Frankincense Unit 150
General Incense Unit 133
General Sanitiser spray Kg 212.96
General Wonder bag lrg Unit 519
General Epsom salts Kg 50
General Firelighters Unit 60
General Activated charcoal Kg 63
General Bicarbonate of soda Kg 50
General Eco brick stick Unit 59
General Bentonite clay Kg 77
General Air freshener Kg 178.46
General Castile liquid soap Kg 60
General Diatomaceous earth Kg 80
General Dog poop bags Unit 25
General Cat litter Unit 100
Kitchen Earthsap kitchen cleaner Kg 95.61
Kitchen Spaza kitchen cloth Unit 80
Kitchen Sisal scourer Unit 30
Kitchen Triple orange auto dish Kg 139
Kitchen Earthsap dishwash liquid Kg 61.37
Kitchen Dishwasher powder Kg 75
Kitchen Bonnie bio 12l bin bag Unit 77
Kitchen Baking cups lrge Unit 32
Kitchen Baking paper roll Unit 85
Kitchen Coffee filters no4 Unit 52
Kitchen Bonnie bio 32l bin bag Unit 106
Kitchen Bonnie bio 85l bin bag Unit 139
Kitchen Coffee filters no2 Unit 49
Kitchen Bonnie bio 5l bin bags Unit 44
Kitchen Cheese board Unit 66
Kitchen Pizza board Unit 159
Kitchen Burger board Unit 105
Kitchen Baguette board Unit 105
Kitchen Sisal veg brush Unit 95
Kitchen Spatula wooden Unit 29
Kitchen Whisk Unit 120
Kitchen Wooden spoon Unit 25
Kitchen Rubber spatula sml Unit 77
Kitchen Sisal dish brush Unit 195
Kitchen Spork Unit 34
Kitchen Rubber spatula lrg Unit 79
Kitchen Honey dripper Unit 35
Kitchen Bottle brush Unit 130
Kitchen Dish brush refill Unit 149
Kitchen Ring brush Unit 88
Kitchen Lemon juicer Unit 59
Kitchen Oil pourer Unit 35
Kitchen Palm brush Unit 56
Laundry Stain stick Unit 28
Laundry Triple orange laundry gel Kg 99
Laundry Earthsap laundry powder Kg 75
Laundry Laundry powder Kg 67
Laundry Eco bleach Kg 96
Laundry Fabric softner Kg 76.05
Sub category Stock item Unit/kg R per unit/kg
Candles Palo santo nude light Unit 149
Cups & bottles Miir coffe cup lrg Unit 450
Cups & bottles Miir coffee cup sml Unit 400
Cups & bottles Bamboo 355ml cup Unit 225
Cups & bottles Bamboo 400ml cup Unit 300
Cups & bottles Copper water bottles Unit 295
Cups & bottles 800ml water bottle Unit 495
Food storage Tiffin tin 7×3 Unit 244
Food storage Tiffin tin 9×2 Unit 325
Food storage Tiffin tin 8×2 Unit 244
Food storage Supa dish covers (2 pack) Unit 288
Food storage Supa sandw. Wraps Unit 172
Food storage Bonnie bio cling wrap Unit 92
Food storage Stasher stand-up Unit 276
Food storage Buzzy wrap gift pack Unit 180
Food storage Stasher medium Unit 182
Food storage Stasher large Unit 276
Food storage Lunch tin Unit 90
Food storage Stasher small Unit 144
Plants Mothercity jungle plant r400 Unit 400
Plants Mothercity jungle plant r550 Unit 550
Plants Mothercity jungle plant r450 Unit 450
Plants Mothercity jungle plant r250 Unit 250
Plants Mothercity jungle plant r350 Unit 350
Plants Mothercity jungle plant r280 Unit 280
Plants Mothercity jungle plant r380 Unit 380
Salt lamps Crystal salt lamp med Unit 460
Salt lamps Crystal salt lamp small Unit 380
Salt lamps Crystal salt tea light Unit 115
Spaza Spaza dish cover small Unit 90
Spaza Spaza dish cover set Unit 420
Spaza Spaza dish cover medium Unit 105
Spaza Spaza dish cover large Unit 115
Straws Straw cleaner Unit 23
Straws Silicone straw Unit 60
Straws Shweshwe straw pouch Unit 30
Straws Restraw set Unit 140
Straws Glass straw Unit 90
Straws Copper straw Unit 65
Table ware Bamboo travel cutlery x2 Unit 290
Tech Iphone cover Unit 289
Water purification 6l water dispenser Unit 820
Water purification Charcoal sticks Unit 829
Water purification Stainless steel tap Unit 345
Water purification 12l water dispenser Unit 1499
Sub category Stock item Unit/kg R per unit/kg
Vouchers R50 Unit 50
Vouchers R100 Unit 100


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We’ve created a plastic-free shopping experience for you and your family. This means filling your pantry with high-quality, sustainable, delicious foods and products, without filling your bin with wasteful packaging.

Our bulk wholefoods, health foods, and earth-friendly products are all non-GMO, plastic-free and sold by weight. Our goal is to make plastic-free shopping easy and accessible to the everyday shopper, whilst supporting local suppliers and other waste reducing initiatives.



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